When it comes to corporate gifting, one of the most important elements is creating an emotional reaction in the recipient. Corporate gifts should be thoughtful and have a high perceived value in order to engage the recipient on an emotional level. When it comes to branded corporate gifts, it can be even more effective. Branding adds a level of professionalism and recognition to a gift, and can create a strong emotional response from the recipient.

Additionally, when it comes to corporate gifting, co-branding with a known brand can also create a “halo effect”. The halo effect is when a brand is associated with a positive emotion. For example, if your company gifts a product with a logo that has a positive reputation among the public, the recipient is likely to respond more positively and feel more valued by your company. For instance, co-branding a gift with a well-known tech brand, or a high-end fashion brand, can increase the perceived value and the emotional connection with the gift.

Overall, corporate gifting should be approached strategically in order to create an emotional reaction with the recipient. By choosing high-value, branded and unbranded corporate gifts, and co-branding with a reputable brand, you can create a lasting and meaningful connection with your client.