Product Sampling

Sampling is a powerful tool that gives audiences a chance to try your product, which encourages feedback, reviews and even user-generated content. CI-Group knows the importance of sampling, which is why we have every tool imaginable to design, pack, and deliver your sample products to your target audience.

The Ultimate Loyalty Builder

With an onslaught of media vying for your attention, building relationships with potential customers can be a challenge. Add launching a new brand or product to the mix and it can even be more difficult to break through the clutter. The power of product sampling can change that as well as establish positive connections. By giving potential customers a chance to experience your products first-hand, you’re building a foundation of trust and loyalty that is essential for long-term success.

Satisfy Customer Curiosity With Digital Sampling

Digital sampling is a game-changer that goes beyond traditional methods. Of course the last thing you want is a one-size-fits-all digital product sampling program, which is why CI-Group offers a tailored solution that better fits with your clients’ needs. We give the ultimate personalized experience via unique profiles for your potential customers, using questionnaires and other consumer insight tactics to gather data. This can include everything from their age and location to their favorite foods and shopping habits—depending on your industry. From there, we deliver relevant digital offers and samples that match their profiles, creating a truly custom product sampling program which can lead to more ratings, reviews, and overall brand engagement.

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