1. Increased Brand Exposure: Branded merchandise presents a unique opportunity to get your brand out there in a creative way. During an economic downturn, many companies scale back on more expensive forms of advertising such as radio, print, and television. However, branded merchandise provides a more affordable way to make sure that your logo and message are prominent in the marketplace.

2. Connect with Customers: Offering branded merchandise gives customers a chance to engage with your brand and create a lasting bond. By handing out branded items, customers can identify with the company even when times are tough.

3. Builds Brand Evangelists: When done right, branded merchandise can be a great way to build brand evangelists who really believe in the brand and share their experience with others. By giving away merchandise, you’re giving people the opportunity to become an ambassador for your brand.

4. Affordable: Branded merchandise is surprisingly cost-effective given the number of impressions it can generate. Many types of merchandise can be produced at relatively low cost while still maintaining a high degree of quality.

5. Increase Word-of-Mouth: Word-of-mouth marketing plays a significant role in any company’s success and can be stirred up with the clever use of branded merchandise. When customers use branded merchandise, it serves as free advertising for your company as others become aware of your brand.

6. Stand Out from Competition: With branded merchandise, your company has the opportunity to stand out from the competition, getting your brand message across in a way that is more engaging and memorable than traditional forms of advertising.

7. Easy to Customize: Branded merchandise is also highly customizable and versatile, allowing you to cater it to fit your brand’s specific needs. From imprinting logos, slogans, and images to using different colors and shapes, the options are endless.

8. Durable and Functional: Most branded merchandise is designed to be durable and functional, making them much more attractive to customers than traditional forms of promotional material. Clients love getting products that they can actually use – and continue to use long after they receive them.

9. Great Return On Investment: Branded merchandise can generate a great return on investment by increasing brand recognition, loyalty, and word-of-mouth marketing. Even though the upfront costs may be higher than other forms of advertising, the long-term benefits can be impressive.

10. Build Customer Loyalty: In today’s world, customer loyalty is more important than ever. Branded merchandise gives customers the opportunity to identify with your brand and lets them know that your company values them and their input. This can be incredibly useful in establishing long-term relationships between you and your customers – even during an economic downturn.


Check out Josh Golden, CMO from Quad’s perspective.